Saturday, August 2, 2008

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Hey All! I only have a minute, but I'm moving to a place called Hhohho South in the southern region of Swaziland. Check it out!!!


Erin said...


Colleen said...

Hi Justine,
Your letter arrived today and Damian read it aloud on the bus on the way home from day-camp ( where this week they will be studying china: that means Tai Chi in the morning followed by Caligraphy, which he is very good at and Olympic Games) Everyone seems to really like him there and his Chinese name is Min mim .
So, google says Hhohho is in the North of Swaziland; isn't that where you were hoping to go( the place that hadnt had a volunteer yet)
I would pay good money to see you teach a class in go , girl !

Erin said...

So I googled Hhohho South. I think I figured it out. Hhohho is like a provence or something in the northern part of Swaziland. (The country seems to be divided into 4 of these) Hhohho South is like a town or someting near the town of Hluti in the southern part of Swaziland. Right? There's not a lot on the internet about Swaziland, so that could be totally wrong. But it still took me like an hour to find that much.

I hope you're enjoying it still. I can't wait to see pictures of your new home!