Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Call Me Bat Girl

Sanibonani bonkhosi!

-So I just spent 4 days in Hhohho Emuva (HhohhoSouth) which is a tiny little village near the tiny little town of Hluti in the Shiselweni region of southern Swaziland. I am ridiculously excited about my future here in the Swaz...

-I'm living in my very own little cement house (it's 188"x155"...I don't know what that is in feet--I measured it with my measuring tape from my sewing kit) that my Babe (father, his name is Albert) built with his own two hands (literally) upon request of the chief of thearea who wanted to host a Peace Corps Volunteer. So it's got 3 gigantic windows and a door and three vent things that go to the outside and that's really all there is to it. Oh, and I currently have a bat for a roommate, but he's supposed to be gone by the time I move in for real, which will be on the 29th of this month. My family is fantastic, too. I've got a million bhutis and sisis and a Make and Babe and then some assorted family members that I haven't really figured out yet because they only speak this combination Zulu/SiSwati and NO English. So now I have real motivation to learn SiSwati...

-I currently don't have electricity, but my Babe Albert is going to have it put in for me over the next 2 weeks so that I can have an oven and I promised him I'd reward him for his hard work with brownies. He's not sure what brownies are, but, after all, expanding Swazis'
understanding of American culture is part of the reason why I'm here. My homestead has two or possibly 3 pigs, a dog named Boka who only has one eye, a kitten, lots of goats (including baby ones!), cows and SO many chickens I don't know what to do with them. And they sneak in my room all the time through the spaces between the bars on the doors.

-Anyway, I'm out of internet time and there's a line, but things here are going VERY well and thanks to all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes/phone calls. I'm 22 now!! And thanks to my lovely mother for posting this.



Erin said...

that's so awesome! i can't wait to come visit you!

Carrie said...

So cool! You will even have electricity? I think you are living in the lap of luxury!