Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My week in pictures, followed by THREE blogs in one day. Rain makes me productive.

An "Obama Smoothline" ballpoint pen.
Mwajombe Duka La Vitambaa Bora (Mwajombe Fabric Shop Deluxe) apparently thought it necessary to have a big picture of Obama on their sign. They don't even sell fabric for suits...but they DO sell linoleum and carpet and candy.
Can you find the pretty lizard? He has a blue body and bright red head and stares at me through the window during class sometimes. This is as close as I can get to him before he runs away, though.
 I know I post lots of pictures of vermin, but that's because I spend a huge portion of my life dealing with them. This guy I found in my shoe when I wanted to go for a run the other day. Instead I took this picture, squashed him, and watched TV. My Kiswahili teacher says he's poisonous, so I don't feel bad about killing him.
Every time it rains, my house becomes infested with slugs. This one I found in my kitchen on a bag of sugar. Gross.

Slugs! Ew.
Apparently December is the beginning of "fly season," and that's no joke. At any given time, I can clap my hands and kill at least one fly.


Unknown said...

what is that brand of sugar?! "Bwana..." I love it.

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