Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama lovin', dresses, and smoked grasshoppers

Africa LOVES Obama. Obama chewing gum, Obama ballpoint pens, Obama backpacks. You name it, I've seen it. A couple weeks ago, I found Obama underwear at a used clothes market, complete with airbrushed Obama on the butt and a waistband that said "Commander in Chief." Still, who buys used underwear?

It's amazing how an $8 dress with big cartoon fish on it can make me feel pretty, but it does. Fabric here is so ridiculous it's amazing. Last week I found a piece of gray and purple cloth with bright green and orange vacuums vacuuming bright yellow and blue carpets. I had to seriously restrain myself from buying it and having it made into a dress...

On Friday, I had a toasted egg and cheese sandwich with a side of smoked grasshoppers for lunch. Yum! They're super tiny this time of year, crunchy, and taste like just about anything else that's smoked. But they look scary.
In Swahili, L and R are interchangeable, so this actually means "Death Row." I love misspelled graffiti.
I have developed mosquito-squashing skills of epic proportions. Gross, yes, but very necessary.
My life is so uneventful that I take pictures of the baby papaya inside my big papaya. That's exciting to me. (Kind of a cool picture, though.)


Micaela said...

I love your dresses! They are so great!

Korea said...

Those dresses are nice! You look beautiful in them.