Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The new Blogger Photo Uploader thing is really difficult.

Since the official kickoff of election campaigning two weeks ago, the whole of Zanzibar has been plastered with CCM and CUF campaign posters. Most of them are CCM and they're yellow and green and say "Chague CCM, Chague (name of candidate)" which means "Vote for CCM, Vote for (name of candidate)." And then there are lots of billboards that say things like "CCM is the party of the people" and have pictures of Kikwete (the incumbent) shaking hands with disabled people. It's kind of funny how the posters and whatnot work, though...they're literally EVERYWHERE. Like graffiti.
This delicious chicken breast sandwich with spicy Southwest sauce is the reason I missed my bus to Iringa and had to take the late bus and nearly died. Totally worth it.
View from the bus window. For about 6 hours. (The other 4 hours it was dark.) I'm happy to be back around mountains, though...says the girl from Kansas. Mountains make me think of Swaziland.
Driving through the game park at sunset. Everyone thought I was crazy for taking so many pictures, but I was just bored. Unfortunately, I wasn't taking pictures when we drove past the family of elephants on the side of the road, when we nearly hit a giraffe crossing the road, or when we had to wait for a herd of zebras to cross. 

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