Monday, November 16, 2009

Vacation, vacation.

Sanibonani! I'm on vacation, which means I'm not writing an actual blog. But I thought I'd update you a bit on how awesome it is to be me right now...

We spent a week in Mozambique, went to Tofo Beach and Inhambane. Spent a day on the beach, had fresh prawns (purchased from the fisherman who caught them) two times, lobster, crabs and barracuda. We went snorkeling with whale sharks and saw 6 of them, then some dolphins (2 kinds). We ate lots and lots of mangoes, which we then smuggled into Swaziland so we didn't have to throw them away.

In Swaziland it's super rainy and cold, but we went to a glass factory and ate the best fudge ever and nearly got stuck in the mud because we're staying in a game park and driving a Chevy Aveo. It's a good time.

More details later. Tomorrow we head down to my house, then to St. Lucia in South Africa for a game drive (safari) and tour of the turtles, then to Cape Town for lots of good fun. I'll keep you posted and maybe put up some photos.

Wanna come visit yet?


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