Saturday, July 11, 2009

My bhuti Mkelo using my computer. Or rather pretending to use my computer. Or rather typing random words like e;lkupoiu into the middle of important documents that I'm writing. I've taught most of the kids the basics of typing, limited mostly to typing their own names. But it's a start.

Recently, paper airplane-making has been replaced with mask-making, which is really amusing except that then there are lots of eye-hole scraps to sweep up off my floor. The dog particularly loves the masks.

The girls at our June support group meeting having their oranges after the lesson.

Bokhi and her 3D mask from Glamour. I'm not sure what a 3D mask does for a one-eyed dog.

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Dad said...

3D glasses for a one-eyed dog. You kill me! I love reading your blog!