Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Alive!

Sanibonani! There's not much going on in my life this week. Except work, but that's pretty boring. A few notes:

1. Both of the puppies are girls (thank you for everyone who made fun of me for not knowing what they were...). I kind of wish they were both boys so I could name them Mario and Luigi, but I guess nobody here would understand that reference so I guess I could just call them that anyway.

2. I spent the weekend at Mlilwane Game Reserve at a backpackers with a bunch of other volunteers and it was fantastic. There's a pool and campfire and hiking and it was a much needed vacation. Amazing! There's an ostrich named Peter (it's a girl) that wanders around the backpackers and drinks out of the pool and stuff, which is pretty surreal. And ostriches have really prehistoric-looking toes, which freak me out...

3. I bought an exercise bike today from another volunteer and I'm going to be in really really good shape by the time I get back, assuming I actually use it. Usually I spend my evenings sitting around doing nothing and listening to the radio, so now I figure I can at least sit around on the exercise bike and listen to the radio. With my fan blowing on me the whole time. Man it's a tough life.

That's all. I'm going back to site today and I'll write an actual blog (when I'm not paying by the minute) and come into town early in the week to post it and some photos.



Dad said...

Ostrich feet are really weird looking, but they make cool- looking cowboy boots. Maybe you shouldn't mention that to Peter the Ostrich. Love you!

Erin said...

post more photos of the pups!