Saturday, November 22, 2008

End of Camp

So it's Saturday after in-service training (IST) and I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Manzini trying to postpone my departure back to my village. For the last week I've been surrounded by all 32 of my friends and the prospect of eating and watching movies alone tonight is a little sad. Honestly though, being surrounded by people after living alone for so long is a little overwhelming so I'm not entirely dreading going home. Plus, after a week of classes on the reason I'm here (Swaziland, HIV/AIDS, education, Peace Corps, etc.) I'm feeling kind of inspired to do actual work. It was a fun week, though, complete with a jika-ma-jika (that's a show like "so you think you can dance") dance competition, haircuts for most people from the 2 amateur stylists in the group, and lots of sharing of awkward/funny stories.

I also watched the documentary "Without the King," which is officially banned in Swaziland (why did the king sit for an interview for it?). It's basically about the juxtoposition of the massive wealth of the king and royal family and the poverty of the country. It's interesting. The best part is when the princess beatboxes in the beginning. You should watch it.

This coming week we're having a big Thanksgiving celebration at one of the volunteers' houses, for which I'm preparing deviled eggs. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that without a fridge, but we'll see. Life in Swaziland is a challenge.

Also, I have a little whining to do. First, there were fleas at the place we stayed and I got bit by a bunch of them and one of the bites on my right arm swelled up into a big blister and it was gross and painful and now it's just gross. And I'm a freak because most people don't have that reaction to flea bites, apparently, as evidenced by all the other volunteers. Second, I used someone else's face wash and had a terrible allergic reaction to it and I look like a freak. But other than that it was a good week.

That's all from me. Final thought: If you want to send me something, make it photos because I really like them and my walls are naked.

Love from the Swaz! I'll post photos next week, maybe.

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