Saturday, October 18, 2008

I haven't smelled so nice in months.

So this weekend Serena, Brittany and I went to Mbabane and stayed at the NICEST place in the entire country. If you're in Swaziland looking for somewhere to stay, go to Red Berry B&B because it's amazing. We had a fantastic dinner (curry prawns!), and watched National Geographic Channel all night (a thing about plane crashes, something about snakes), and SHOWERED and blow-dried our hair and straightened it, and ate a fantastic breakfast of assorted meats. DELICIOUS. It's sad what I consier luxury these days. (But, for serious, there was an electric blanket on my bed!)

Now I'm off to be by myself in my hut with Denise Austin exercise DVDs and a box full of candy, which I think balance each other nicely.

And we're talking about going to Mozambique for Christmas, which will be fun.

That's all.

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