Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm in AFRICA!

Sanibona! I just wanted to let you know that I landed safely in South Africa after a grueling 19 hour flight and a battle v. mosquitos on the runway in Senegal. Luckily, mosquitos don't bite me and I've made friends with another volunteer who seems to be pretty good mosquito bait. It was quite the bonding experience.

We're staying in a pretty nice hotel here in Johannesburg for the evening before heading off to Swaziland early in the am by bus, where we'll be greeted by some of the current volunteers and a large quantity of Peace Corps staff. Tonight we met the country director, Chad, and he seems pretty cool. We also met our traning director, Musa, who seems like a cool guy as well.

I can't believe that I'm back on the continent already! I don't have a cell phone number yet becuase the hotel is all sold out of minutes for MTN cell service (and even if they weren't I couldn't buy them with US dollars and their bank is all out of Rand!), but as soon as I have a number I'll text my mother who will post it on here. Not that you need to call, but if you want...

That's all for now. Much love and salani kahle!

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Colleen Hackett said...

Hi Justine, You sound great ! Damian got his "Half Birthday" card excatly on the 27th...please tell me how you arranged that...impressive!@%! So thoughtful of you and he was thrilled! I however, will not forgive the Chipmunks!!! To "keep up"I got him a Big Wheel. He is very thoughtful and super responsible w/ Diggity. I will share your Blog w/ him.That will be a great experience for him to keep up w/ what you are doing. Im Oh, and I read that the day you were set to arrive in Swazi, Mendela and everyone else who is anyone was converging on the place to try to settle the Zimbabwe not so way out of the way after all..